Destruction of Bitcoin is Real. The Price of This is Already Known

Analysts from Crypto51 calculated how much money it would take to carry out an attack of 51% on the network of the first cryptocurrency. With altcoins, this will be much cheaper.

The cost of one hour of “51% attack” on the Bitcoin network over the past few days has increased to $540 thousand, according to crypto51. This value shows how much it will cost to rent enough power, it is necessary to gain control over the cryptocurrency blockchain.

The increase in the cost of one hour of “51% attack” on the BTC network occurred due to the restoration of the hash rate to the current level of 108 EH / s. A few weeks ago, this figure dropped to 76 EH / s: miners turned off the equipment due to a drop in the coin rate to $3800.

Destroying Bitcoin Cash, on the contrary, has now become much cheaper. Currently, the cost of one hour of “51% attack” on the fork of the first cryptocurrency is about $9000 or 1.3 BTC. Over the past few days, the campaign against altcoin has become much easier: there has been a halving in its network. Since mining BCH is now less profitable, many miners stopped their equipment or switched to bitcoin.

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